Our mission is to provide our people the opportunity to grow and succeed in a merit-based atmosphere while growing our clients’ market share with integrity and satisfaction by acquiring quality long-lasting customers. 


It's What We Do


By representing some of the most prestigious and respected companies in the Financial Post 500 community, we focus on telecommunications, office supplies, energy and merchant processing tools through face-to-face acquisitions. We take pride in being the best in our industry. Our sales representatives work to build interest in our client’s services and deliver quality long-term customers who our clients will manage. 



It's Who We Are


Being apart of the Orion team means sharing space, drive, and energy with like-minded professionals, all working together towards one common goal: Personal success. At Orion, you can expect a professional, open, and exciting environment. While we are constantly celebrating our achievements of the student mentality model, we balance this with a "work hard, play hard" motto at our team nights which include a variety of fun and challenging activities. Fun Friday, Dutch blitz, and NHL tournaments are some of the favourites!


When you ask anyone what it means to be a leader, you'll hear something unique and different every time. Everybody has his or her own idea of what leadership is, but not every boss leads a team the same way. While the definitions may vary, our general sentiments remain the same: Leaders are people who know how to achieve goals and inspire people along the way. Thats what we stand by here at Orion Acquisition Inc.

It's Why We Do It



It's How We Succeed 

Here at Orion Acquisition INC., we have a strong sense of pride in our values that help shape our company and culture. 

  1. Work ethic is vital to achieving our goals. Everyone from our CEO to entry level display's good work ethic to keep the company and the team functioning at its peak.

  2. Student Mentality means that there are always things to learn and room for improvement. We believe in the continuous learning and development of our people.

  3. Integrity is the essence of everything successful. We do what's right, not what's easy.

  4. Leadership. Simply put. A leader knows the way, goes the way, shows the way.