March 16, 2017

Sometimes we hear that all you need to accomplish your goals is motivation. We might hear it so much that, in fact, it becomes a bit of a cliché. But it seems that when we use only motivation to accomplish our goals, they end up crumbling right in front of our face. So what’s the secret? How come it seems that some people can just be motivated all the time and always succeed? 

You see, the thing is that their secret is not motivation. Motivation is like sugar. It will give you a rush, it will get you excited, and give you a head start; but just like sugar, it’s bound to come down and give you a crash.

So then, what is it that we need to accomplish o...

December 10, 2016

"Motocross first evolved in the U.K. from motorcycle trials competitions, such as the Auto-Cycle Clubs's first quarterly trial in 1909 and the Scottish Six Days Trial that began in 1912". Since then, Motorcross has grown into a nation wide sport holding high recognition for top competitors in the Motorcross community.

Last summer, Marcus and his team are officially sponsoring the Motorcross community. Our first Rider, Michael Giesbrecht took part in the 450A and openA classes in the MMA - take a look at how Marcus and Michael show our logo proud in the video above. 

Life is more than just work.

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November 17, 2016

Orion Acquisition Inc. is a company that strives on leadership, integrity, student mentality, and work ethic. Let's take a deeper dive into what the consultants (some anonymous, some public) had to say about the business and why Orion is where it is today.

Read on below to find out what the thoughts are of this Saskatoon based, outsourcing sales company:

“This company has absolutely floored me! The opportunity to grow here is endless! Orion’s office culture is very modern and progressive, with daily focus on building you as an individual in an energetic and active team setting. The people are fantastic and committed from day one to help you develop and...

October 20, 2016

At Orion Acquisition, we truly believe that when teams are able to work well together it's extremely beneficial in more than one way. A Cohesive team brings in effectiveness, productivity, and success — not to mention it creates an all around happier and enjoyable workplace environment for everyone. 

Our team nights are a fun way to let loose, and sometimes we just need to throw a couple dodge-balls at our coworkers (Right?).

Below, find our video from Team night at Apex Trampoline park in Saskatoon! You DON'T want to miss the next one!

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