Orion Consultants Speak Up About How They Really Feel ...

November 17, 2016


Orion Acquisition Inc. is a company that strives on leadership, integrity, student mentality, and work ethic. Let's take a deeper dive into what the consultants (some anonymous, some public) had to say about the business and why Orion is where it is today.

Read on below to find out what the thoughts are of this Saskatoon based, outsourcing sales company:

“This company has absolutely floored me! The opportunity to grow here is endless! Orion’s office culture is very modern and progressive, with daily focus on building you as an individual in an energetic and active team setting. The people are fantastic and committed from day one to help you develop and succeed in sales, in the field and as a leader in your own office.”

- Chris Sifford
“There is nothing more important than having a good opportunity with people that genuinely help you develop to hit your full potential and goals in life.”


“This business is so incredible in many aspects. It teaches people professionalism, leadership and how to sell. At the same time, it also motivates you and drives you to strive for your own goals through its amazing atmosphere and likeminded people.”


“I have never been so excited to come into work everyday, the people, the atmosphere, and how the team motivates me to step forward.”



“My time at Orion Acquisition has been incredibly valuable in both creating a plan for my goals and actually moving towards them. Not only have I grown in my sales skills but more importantly in my life development.”

-Robert Kilmartin

What to take away from this? 
- Endless opportunities
- Potential for incredible development
- Motivating Environment
- Valuable to not only their careers, but personal growth

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