Motivation Is Just Not Good Enough

March 16, 2017

Sometimes we hear that all you need to accomplish your goals is motivation. We might hear it so much that, in fact, it becomes a bit of a cliché. But it seems that when we use only motivation to accomplish our goals, they end up crumbling right in front of our face. So what’s the secret? How come it seems that some people can just be motivated all the time and always succeed? 



You see, the thing is that their secret is not motivation. Motivation is like sugar. It will give you a rush, it will get you excited, and give you a head start; but just like sugar, it’s bound to come down and give you a crash.



So then, what is it that we need to accomplish our goals? Well… the secret key             word is discipline!



Discipline is the practice of training yourself to repeat certain actions and educating yourself to stick to a plan. Once you are set on your goal, discipline is what keeps you accountable for taking a step closer to your goal every single day. That is what’s going to make you succeed and achieve your goals. And there will be motivation along the way, which will help make some days easier and some days harder, but staying disciplined will keep you on track to achieve your goals!



Try planing ahead! things don’t usually fall into schedule by coincidence… let’s be honest! Take some time and write down your goal, and what you have to do each day to take a step closer to where you want to be. Then do that again and again, that is how you create discipline!  






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